Monday Meditations – Romans 8:19

September 19, 2011

Todays Meditation Verse:

Romans 8:19

19) All creation is eagerly waiting for God to reveal who his children are.


Monday Meditations are designed to get you to thinking about scriptures that you may have not previously thought much about.  It is to hopefully get you to meditating on a particular scripture for the entire week.  I think this week you may ponder this one for some time.


The world that we know today is not what was originally created prior to the fall of man.  We cannot comprehend the way creation was because we have no form of reference.  All that we know is what we have seen and experienced in our lifetime.


Prior to the fall of man we know that the snake walked upright, probably on legs (Genesis 3:14).  That is hard for us to comprehend since we have never seen such a sight and can barely imagine it.


In Luke 19:40 Jesus says that …even the very stones would cry out…  For a stone to cry out there must have been that capability at one time, but was silenced at the fall.


The same is true of animals.  In II Peter 2:16 Peter talks about the story of Baalam who would not do what is right and a donkey was used to speak to him.  Was that yet again an indication that at one time animals could speak as humans?


So when we read these scriptures above, it makes sense that all of creation which was affected and changed by the fall of man is waiting for that final redemptive day so that they may be released, to be able to praise God and live as they were created in the garden.


What are they waiting on?  For the children of God to be revealed.


No matter what your beliefs are, I want to thank you for visiting my Christian bible study blog!


4 thoughts on “Monday Meditations – Romans 8:19

  1. Emery says:

    This scripture really does make you put your thinking cap on. At first it just went right over my head and then I read it again and realized this is something I have really been pondering for a while now. Thank you. I am new to this web site.


    • Nancy says:

      Emery thank you for your comment. I think there are so many scriptures that we all read and not really “catch” their true meaning. I know I do that. My hope is to help us all, including me, learn a little bit more about them. As I study them, I get excited over discovering new meanings to things I had long since ‘looked over’. Please stay with us and let us know from time to time how we are doing. We appreciate all comments!!!


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