September 23, 2011

Picture the scene from Apple Cider Rules when a couple came to look over the children at the orphanage to find a child.  All the children made sure that day they looked their best.  They tried to not hope too much that they would be chosen.  There was always a huge possibility of disappointment.  As the children grew older their chances of being chosen grew slim and many became adults having never been chosen, always to be orphans.


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Monday Meditations – Romans 8:19

September 19, 2011

Todays Meditation Verse:

Romans 8:19

19) All creation is eagerly waiting for God to reveal who his children are.


Monday Meditations are designed to get you to thinking about scriptures that you may have not previously thought much about.  It is to hopefully get you to meditating on a particular scripture for the entire week.  I think this week you may ponder this one for some time.


The world that we know today is not what was originally created prior to the fall of man.  We cannot comprehend the way creation was because we have no form of reference.  All that we know is what we have seen and experienced in our lifetime. Continue reading