God’s Validation part 2

July 29, 2011

God is Omnipotent

God is omnipotent[1]. He is universal in His power and authority.

 Establishing God’s authority is the pinnacle on which all else balances. We must establish that God truly is the highest authority and that no other authority can be established but by Him and through Him. In Romans 13:1 it reads: Continue reading


The Process

July 27, 2011

Parenthood can be tough. There is no getting around it.


I’m not talking about the late nights with baby colic or high fevers. Or stretching the finances for one more dance costume or baseball bat.


I’m not talking about the first time they leave the house driving on their own on a Friday night or going on a date with someone you just barely know.


I’m not talking about when they leave home and move out to college or their own apartment, leaving your nest empty.

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God’s Validation part 1

July 22, 2011

This is a 3-part blog. For the next 3 weeks I want to write a study on the Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence of God. Those of who BELIEVE, know we believe. But sometimes we come across someone who doesn’t believe. I know in the past I’ve struggled at times to ‘validate God’ to them. I know I believe but how do I convey to them, in a concrete manner that what I believe is valid. SO, I studied and here is what I found. Continue reading

I Want It All

July 20, 2011

Have you ever seen a movie or TV show where there was a person at a party standing at the buffet table and they were sneaking food and putting it in their pocket?  They were hungry and had experienced hunger often and wanted to make sure that when they were hungry later they would have something to eat.

They are usually embarrassed and afraid that someone would see them.  Their eyes shift around watching to see if someone is looking at them.  They don’t want anyone to laugh at them or scold them for their hunger. Continue reading

My Life As A Pot

 July 15, 2011

I’ve been writing a lot lately about God’s love for us and how we should reject condemnation because it is never from God. It is always from the enemy or our own insecurities. This type of writing is encouraging and uplifting and causes us to move closer to the Lord.

Some of my posts have talked about being yoked with Him and letting Him lead and guide you through life which removes so much of the stress regarding bad choices and wrong decisions. How wonderfully freeing this is! Continue reading

Christian Clones

 July 11, 2011

We want to be better.  We want to do better.  So when we see something that works, we try to copy it.  If it worked for them then it should work for us.  Right?

The library shelves are filled with row after row of ‘Self Help’ books.  Even in the Christian section there are tons of books on how to better your life.  How to lose weight, better handle your finances, break free of addictions, release anger and so many more.  If you want help in an area, you will find a book on the subject.

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Good Ground


July 8, 2011

I grew up on a farm.  We didn’t just live on a farm; my daddy was actually a farmer who grew crops on the farm.  So I know a little bit about ground.  Both good ground and bad ground.

I would say that most of his work consisted of preparing the ground to receive the seeds.  He did everything he could do to make that ground, good ground.  If he did a good job and was successful in creating good ground, then when the seeds were planted the crop would grow well with minimum effort and the harvest would be abundant. Continue reading

In Search of a Feel Good

July 6, 2011

I love to sit back and watch people. I suppose I am what you call an ‘Armchair Psychiatrist’. I love to ponder and analyze why people do what they do.

Thankfully I had been a scholar of the bible long before psychiatry. I learned, to my surprise, that in all of my psychiatry courses those thoughts and theories were already documented in the bible. I kept proclaiming to myself as I would read my text – that’s in the bible! Solomon was truly correct in stating that there was nothing new under the sun. Continue reading

so what am I supposed to do?

July 1, 2011

I’ve been writing a lot lately about resting in Christ and abandoning works of the flesh. About how we aren’t to work to be approved in God’s eyes; just receive His grace and favor. If this is all a new concept to you, as it once was to me, then you may be asking yourself, “So, what is it that I AM supposed to do?”

Without a doubt we are to do something, so how is it we can be certain that what we are doing is truly what we should be doing? Continue reading