I am often admired and congratulated on who I am and the things I’ve done and continue to do. What those people see is my identity as it is today, but it wasn’t always so.

Identity is something that can change through time. Life’s events nudge and sway us, but ultimately it is our decision to become who God has intended us to be from our conception. All I have done to be spoken so highly of, is to lean on and trust in the identity that He had already planned for me.

Many years ago I found a passion to show others that they too can live to the fullest and become the best version of themselves. But what I have sadly found is that most people settle into a comfort zone left to merely peer out and watch as others live their dreams fulfilled, never believing that they too can do the same.

I want this site to teach, encourage, nurture, and push people to be what God has already put in their hearts. I started this blog many years ago by posting biblical studies. It inspired many back then and then for a time it lay dormant.

But it has been reborn into something fresh and new. I ask for interaction. I want to laugh with you, cry with you, and listen to you. This blog is not just about me, for without you, it would have no purpose.

Join me today. Let’s live life to its fullness!


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