The First & Greatest Christmas Gift

December 23, 2011

When I got up this morning my husband Rick was already up.  Just after greeting each other good morning he said, “This is Saturday, right,” with eagerness in his voice.


I said, “No, it is Friday”.  He was quite disappointed.  He thought it was Christmas Eve.


For most people there is an excitement that builds each year towards the day we celebrate Christmas.  For some it is a sad time to remember those Christmas pasts with loved ones who are no longer with us.  For others they are struggling with difficult financial issues which makes it hard to celebrate.


The excitement surrounding Christmas is that we get to celebrate, spend time with family and friends and give gifts to others.


Even though most grumble about all the shopping they have to do, deep down inside they love to give to those they are buying for. 


Of course if we were to really analyze the anxiety surrounding the shopping and gift buying I think we would see that driving force to buy the ‘perfect’ gift comes from a fear of rejection.  We love that spouse, child or other relative so much that we want desperately to give them a gift that will bring them joy and not disappointment.


I know in my lifetime that I have given many gifts that were near misses if not complete flops.  I’ve seen the reaction on people’s faces when I’ve given them something that I was very excited to be giving them and then I see the disappointment or lack of excitement on their face.


What a letdown that always is!  There is such an excitement when I believe I have found the perfect gift for someone.  I love wrapping it and then just can’t wait until they open so I can see the joy on their face when they see it for the first time.  When that doesn’t happen it is devastating.


I know that we have all experienced that and that is one of the driving forces behind why we struggle so to find the perfect gift for those we love and care about.  We don’t want to disappoint them and the rejection is devastating for us.


It is during this season that many of us begin to question what the meaning of all this is.  We rail against the commercialization of the holiday and pull on our Grinch hats and Scrooge pants and grumble and grumble about this and that.


When we contemplate the true meaning of Christmas let us remember this.  It was about a gift.  Not the traditional gifts we think of that the wise men brought to baby Jesus.  Though greatly significant and important, the gifts they gave are not the gift I am referring to.


I am talking about a gift given by our heavenly Father, Jehovah God.  He had a people whom He was separated from.  He loved them deeply but was not able to be close to them.  He wasn’t able ‘bury the hatchet’ so to speak and get on with the act of being close once again.


You see this week I’ve been trying to remind you of the awesome love of Father God and how He wants to badly for you to receive from Him.  Just as we wait patiently when we give a gift to someone to see their reaction, He is waiting with eagerness as we receive His gift. 

He gave us all, everyone, a gift of restoration and reunion.  Jesus, His only son, was given as restitution so that we all could be His sons and receive all that right carries with it. 


And He waits…


He waits for us to receive that gift.  He waits for our response.  Will we receive it with joy or will we toss it aside, disappointed because we do not know what it truly is that we have been given?


If I have a goal in my blogs it is only to help you understand the gift you have been given and its great wealth.  When God gave you Jesus he paid a debt we cannot pay.  We can now come boldly to God and crawl upon His lap without fear of punishment or guilt.


He tore the veil that separated Him and the people because His greatest desire is to dwell with us and the Holy Spirit within us.  With that we have health, joy, prosperity, peace and all good gifts imaginable.


So today what I want you to take away from this blog is the picture of Father God waiting anxiously as you open the gift He has brought to you, the very first Christmas present.  As He waits with hope and longing in His heart for you to receive it with thankfulness, how will you respond?

 Merry Christmas Icon

No matter what your beliefs are, I want to thank you for visiting my Christian blog!


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