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November 18, 2011

Today I have such a very busy schedule.  I am blessed beyond measure with some wonderful activities that require my attention.  I was not going to post today, but I had a great comment on this weeks Wednesday Word Study – Saved and wanted to share it and my response to all of you.  So today this is my blog post.


COMMENT on Wednesday Word Study – Saved from Patty Patterson


Good message. I think there is often more to what we read in the Bible than we’re able to grasp.
Now… what does “whole” mean? In the story of the 10 lepers, Jesus healed all 10 yet one returned to thank him. He told that one to “Arise, go they way: thy faith hath made thee whole.”


This ONE leper was made whole – yet all 10 were made well, so I’m thinking “whole” here may not have been a physical thing. What do you think?


Just thought I’d throw that at you since I’ve been contemplating it awhile and haven’t come to a conclusion. But – I think “giving thanks” might be how we “receive” some of God’s blessings.


My Response


Hi Patty!  I love your comment!  I’ve wanted to respond all week to this but have just been to busy to respond! 


When you look this story up in the Greek and it says that the 10 lepers were cleaned, that means ceremoniously clean and their sins were forgiven.  The one who was made whole was ‘sozed’ or healed. 


Jesus gave all the lepers the gift at that moment too, but only one ‘believed and received’ it.  It was his faith that had made him sozo or well.  When the revelation that he had been given healing hit him, he could do nothing less that praise Him.  His praise was a response to the revelation He had received about his healing. 


We to have all been given healing.  It was provided on the cross by Jesus.  Our sins are forgiven and the debt is paid.   But only a few believe it and receive it, even though it is there for all to have.  Once that revelation comes that we are healed, we can’t help but sing and shout praises to our King!  Out of the abundance of our heart our mouth speaks.  When our hearts are filled with the joy of revelation we can’t hold the praises in.


When a person tries to use praise to gain something from God it is insincere and that is manipulation.  We cannot manipulate God to give us something He has already freely given us.  We just need to realize it and understand that it is there free for the receiving.  But we must believe.  Our faith will make us whole.


I love thought provoking questions and comments and am so thankful to all our readers and their comments.  Yes, Patty there is so much more to the scriptures than any of us can imagine.  It is a wonderful adventure to daily uncover these precious jewels!

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