Your Purpose Starts Small

I began this journey of podcasting and videocasting talking about purpose and our journey. I talked about knowing our true identity.

The last couple of video blogs talked more about obedience so it seemed that I had gotten off track with purpose, but I haven’t. Today this video blog will tie it together.

I hope you are enjoying these videos. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

What is True Obedience

This video blog is really a continuation of yesterday’s video. I had this still on my heart but felt it best to divide up into two separate blogs.

I touched yesterday on decision making and purpose. They really are connected and we can’t follow or find our purpose without proper decision making.

Also yesterday, I talked about humility and that was the beginning of the ability to make right decisions. But humility isn’t a once and one kind of thing.

Today in this video blog I talk about true obedience and how to achieve it.

Finding Purpose

Hello! I’ve created another video blog today and want to share it.

I talked the other day about the difficulty we have in finding purpose and in decision making. We are on a journey and we want our journey to be fruitful and have purpose but so often that is very challenging to do.

In this video today I share what I believe is the very first step to determining our purpose and how to make good decisions.

Please comment below or share an experience of your own!

Wednesday Word Study – Futility

September 21, 2011 

Strongs Concordance Number:3153
Transliteration: mataiotés
Phonetic Spelling: (mat-ah-yot’-ace)
Definition: vanity, emptiness, unreality, purposelessness, ineffectiveness, instability, frailty; false religion.  Aimlessness due to lacking purpose or any meaningful end.


On Monday we talked about the scripture Romans 8:19 and how all of creation is waiting eagerly for the sons of God to be revealed.  This holding pattern that we are all placed in until that time is described by the author with the word futility.  All of creation is in a futile (unreal, purposeless, ineffective, fragile) period of time waiting on the sons of God to be revealed. Continue reading