A Lesson from Downton Abbey, the Movie.

I’ve been a Downton Abbey fan for a long time. I’ve been to see the new movie twice now. It was fun entertainment, but something I didn’t expect happened while I was watching it.

I got a spiritual lesson straight from above.

Without providing too much of a spoiler alert, warning there might be a little… let me continue.

The entire premise for the movie is that the King and Queen of England are visiting Downton Abbey. This is no secret as the trailer gives this away instantly.

There seems to be quite the uproar though, when the excited downstairs staff realize that they will not be allowed to serve the King and Queen, but will be pushed aside by the royal traveling staff.

Yes, the King and Queen bring their own staff, footmen, housekeepers, cooks, etc.

What started out as great excitement for the staff turns into a huge disappointment.

Now for a bit of a spoiler…

But through creative means the tides turn and the DA staff are able to serve the royalty.

There is a scene right before the footmen carry the endless trays of bounty to the dining table. Their excitement is palpable. 

At that moment it occurred to me that we as sons and daughter of Jehovah God are also royalty. But something didn’t fit with the image I was seeing on the screen.

In our Kingdom, in God’s Kingdom, we are not the served, but the servers even though we are royalty. And the people at the table are those we have been called to serve.

And then it hit me. We are to serve others with the same over abundant zeal and enthusiasm, with same intense joy and excitement as the DA staff had as they were walking into serve the King and Queen.

That instantaneous lesson caused me to evaluate myself. Do I as royalty serve with that kind of zeal and heartfelt enthusiasm? Do I find creative ways to make sure that I am serving them because my desire is so great?

Let’s all think about that today. Are we as eager as the DA downstairs team was to serve? Picture Jesus washing his disciples feet. Picture the parable where we hold a dinner and compel the needy to come in and eat.

A lesson to learn. It was for me.

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