I Can’t Take the Pressure! Part Three

December 8, 2014

Well by now hopefully you have read Part 1, Part 2 and the cheat.  But I wanted to write one more post pulling this all together for you.

As we saw in part 1 the choice that Jesus requires us to make is the narrow path.  That path is one where there is a guarantee of obstacles which will cause us to feel pressure in our lives.  This narrow gate leads us to a journey that while facing these obstacles through study of the word, leaning to the Holy Spirit for constant guidance and determination to seek first the kingdom while having a firm resolve to not give up no matter what, we will find a life of divine peace, joy and pleasure. 

If you think of the course of our life with obstacles pressing in close to us let’s also remember the lady I spoke about in the first blog.  She used her head as well as her physical prowess to navigate the course.

We too are to do the same.  Let’s build our spiritual strength by reading the word and learning all we can about the kingdom of God.  Then because we do not know the course or the obstacles ahead, let’s be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  Think as well and sense where He is leading.

There is an opportunity ahead, does He say go towards it or veer around it?  That new car you want to buy, does He say, yes now is the time, or no wait until later?  Regarding your health, we know divine health has been given to us, but does the Holy Spirit say that it is also beneficial for us to eat healthy food and to exercise?

The lady in the obstacle course did not just rush through from end to end at a feverish pace.  As I watched her I saw her stand and survey the next obstacle and I could tell she was attempting to get a sense of rhythm to the moving obstacles and contemplating what the precise move was and the timing of that movement.  Once she felt confident to move forward, she did.

We should follow that lead.  When we sense another obstacle ahead of us, let us stop and pray and sense the dynamics of that obstacle.  Let us rest before moving forward to determine where the Holy Spirit is moving us.  Not getting a word either way?  Then just rest.

Our human nature pushes us to be people that do, constantly do something, anything, even if it is wrong.  But let me challenge you that often when we leap too soon we are like a frog leaping from the frying pan into the fire.

I remember watching the lady and I kept thinking, go, go, go now, but each time she waited until she knew just the right time.  And she completed that course and she won.  There were no near misses or bobbles, just victory.

I’ve been on this journey that started through the narrow gate a long time ago, over 40 years or more.  I’ve learned quite a bit through it all and yes, I am still learning.  But I do see that the very challenges that rattled me so much in the beginning don’t even seem to faze me now.

There is more peace in my life, more joy in my life.  The things of this world that mattered so much to me when I first started on this journey don’t matter so much any more.  I’ve also learned to endure and that when I endure, there is a reward for that endurance.

I’ve learned that “The Great and Powerful Oz” behind the curtain that is throwing out the obstacles, is much weaker than he appears.  The enemy Satan who walks around seeking someone to devour is not as powerful as the one who lives inside of us.

And remember we have the cheat.  We don’t have to have all the answers, we just need to lean in, rely on and trust in the Lord God with all our hearts and minds and He will lead us through the obstacles wherever they might be.

Read all three parts   Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 and the cheat

No matter what your beliefs are, I want to thank you for visiting my Christian blog!


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