Wednesday Word Study – Gift of Healing

 February 29, 2012

gift of healing

transliteration: charisma
phonetic spelling:
short definition:
an undeserved favor
definition: a gift of grace, an undeserved favor.

transliteration: iama
phonetic spelling:
short definition:
healing, curing
definition: healing, curing, remedy.

i corinthians 12:9b
…and to another gifts of healing by the one spirit,

as i wrote on monday, we have all been given the personal gift of healing, or divine health. jesus walked on this earth in divine health and when he was beaten at his crucifixion, he was beaten for our healing, so that we could walk in divine health just as he did.

but the gifts of the spirit that paul is referring to in i corinthians 12 are ministerial gifts to be used for the common good. just as jesus personally walked in divine health on this earth, he also ministered under the gift of healing, imparting health to those who could not receive it on their own.

the gift of healing is a miracle, which is defined as… “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.”

the impartation of healing through the gift of healing will correct or heal that particular malady, but it does not mean that person will walk in divine health from that point on. that is a choice that the individual has to believe and receive for themselves.

anyone can be the recipient of the gift of healing. they do not need to have received christ as their savior. but it is the same ‘salvation’ that gives both healing and spiritual salvation. in fact when jesus was operating under the gift of healing, he had not yet died to provide the forgiveness of sins.

also, a person can operate under the gift of healing imparting it to others, but not be walking in the free gift of divine health themselves. that is why it is very often true that the gift of faith and the gift of healing work together. a person may first feel the gift of faith rise up in them to believe they can, with the aid of the holy spirit, impart the healing to another person.

there have been many ministers through the years whose primary ministry focused on the gift of healing. they are often categorized as ‘faith healers’. they are often scorned and ridiculed, but many legitimately operate under the true gift of the spirit. there are however frauds who have given this gift a disrespectful reputation. they are yet another attack of the enemy to discredit a precious gift of the spirit.


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One thought on “Wednesday Word Study – Gift of Healing

  1. David Worman says:

    I have a dear friend who is suffering with oral cancer. She has been through chemotherapy and radiation treatments but the cancer has returned. She is now facing more surgery. I am looking for ministers with the gift of healing whom I could bring her to. Please let me know if you know of somewhere I could bring her for help. I’m looking for ministers with the gift of healing.

    Thank You,
    David Worman


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