Wednesday Word Study – Word of Knowledge

 February 15, 2012

word of knowledge

transliteration: logos
phonetic spelling:
short definition:
a word, speech, divine utterance, analogy
definition: a word, speech, divine utterance, analogy.

transliteration: gnósis
phonetic spelling:
short definition:
knowledge, doctrine, wisdom
knowledge, doctrine, wisdom. functional (“working”) knowledge gleaned from first-hand (personal) experience, connecting theory to application; “application-knowledge,” gained in (by) a direct relationship and is only as good as the relationship.

this week we are talking about word of knowledge. in i corinthians 12 it is the second in the list of the gifts of the spirit. it comes right after word of wisdom and the two are like twins in that they very often are present together.

colossians 2:2-4, 8
that their hearts may be encouraged, having been knit together in love, and attaining to all the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding, resulting in a true knowledge of god’s mystery, that is, christ himself, 3) in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. 4) i say this so that no one will delude you with persuasive argument….

….8 ) see to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to christ.

here in these verses paul is encouraging the church at colosse that they are to find true wisdom and knowledge in christ himself where all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge reside.

the holy spirit is the spirit of christ and is here with us today and we are to draw from the holy spirit wisdom and knowledge. we are to allow the spirit to confirm to us true wisdom and knowledge when delivered by others.

as paul states, one of the main reasons he is emphatically urging them to draw on this wisdom and knowledge is so that they will not be drawn away by enticing and persuasive arguments or doctrines of man. once the new covenant church, the body of christ was birthed, it was imperative that the body remain intact in one mind and accord.

since the enemy could not defeat christ and his ministry, his next attempt was to destroy the body. to effectively destroy the body all he had to do was to interject differing philosophies, interpretations and doctrines into the different churches and the body itself would split into so many fractures that it would no longer be of one accord, thus losing its true power.

he knew and still does know the power of a unified body of christ. we as a people must put aside petty doctrines and seek the true wisdom and knowledge of god as individuals.

in seeking that truth regardless of what philosophies, interpretations or doctrines we have been taught, we will all begin to migrate back together into a unified body full of the wisdom and knowledge of god.

the holy spirit has come to earth to be our comfort and our guide. he has come to teach us true wisdom and knowledge and if we cling to him as our teacher we will see old teachings of man that have held us back, drop away and our power as a body and as individuals will return.

as for a word of knowledge in a ministerial sense where it benefits the common good, it is often delivered in church as a small portion of the whole picture. when someone feels they have a word of knowledge for the church they usually just know what they are to say and have no idea of the entire picture or just why god desires it to be delivered at that time or place.

as i said previously with the holy spirit giving us just tidbits to pass on without knowing the full picture he can maintain the effect. were we to understand the whole picture our human nature many times will taint the word into a vision of what we’ve been told and what we think we know and comes out as our own understanding of the word.

so that is why very often a true word of wisdom or knowledge is a mystery to the deliverer. yet the receiver, who has the complete picture, save for the one small piece they need, will be able to fully incorporate that bit of information into the big picture and have true understanding.

if the deliverer receives the word from the holy spirit and it is not a mystery to them, i would be weary that that person is attempting to interject their own perceived wisdom or knowledge into the situation in an effort to manipulate the situation or outcome.

there have been many hurt by charlatans in the body of christ who have professed to give a word of wisdom or knowledge. the innocent faith of many new believers will accept almost anything said and then are often mislead and disappointed.

that takes us back to paul’s warning to seek wisdom and knowledge through christ who is the giver of all wisdom and knowledge. now it was paul himself who encouraged the use of the gifts of the spirit in the church, but he also knew that when a word is given, we must be close enough to the holy spirit that the word given will ring true in our spirits or it will cause a resounding ‘no’.

start today by seeking to grow closer to the holy spirit and allow him to teach you how to sense in your spirit truth. truth so that you can embrace the words given or reject them as needed. and maybe even grow to be used of the spirit to give to the church a word of wisdom or knowledge.


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