Wednesday Word Study – Word of Wisdom

 February 8, 2012

 Word of Wisdom 


Transliteration: logos
Phonetic Spelling:
Short Definition:
a word, speech, divine utterance, analogy
Definition: a word, speech, divine utterance, analogy.


Transliteration: sophia
Phonetic Spelling:
Short Definition:
Definition: wisdom, insight, skill (human or divine), intelligence.



The word this week is actually two words – word of wisdom.  Which quite literally means…


A divine utterance or analogy full of divine insight or intelligence.


Now this wisdom is not man’s wisdom.  This is reiterated repeatedly in the New Testament in an attempt to distinguish that there is definitely a man’s wisdom and God’s wisdom and that they are not the same and not to be confused as the same.


We need both in our lives.  We need to know certain truths.  We teach our children these truths in the hope that they will lead responsible lives as they mature.


  •             You look both ways before you cross the street

  •             You don’t spend more money than you make

  •             You don’t engage in illegal activity

  •             You treat others fairly and kindly

  •             You give an honest day’s work for your wage


And these are just a few.


But there is a wisdom that goes beyond that and is often times unique to the individual and much more beneficial.


It is a wisdom that is unique in nature and specific to each individual and circumstance.


How many times have you gone to a friend in distress or in a quandary about what to do?  When you got there all they could do was to sympathize with you and give you the only advice that they had.  Many times this advice was what they did when they had a similar situation as yours, and it may not be right for you.


Many times our human nature will feel empathy or anger at an injustice that was done to our friend and we give them advice that results in revenge or reciprocated anger.  We know this is wrong, but how many times has our emotion overridden wisdom?


What if God is leading someone to a different job or ministry and on the surface just seems so outlandish at the time or the place, that you council against it because it just doesn’t make sense and goes totally against conventional wisdom?


It is imperative that we grow up and begin to operate under the gift of a word of wisdom.  When someone is directed to you, you must be able to sense the Holy Spirit and IF there is a divine word of wisdom for that person, AND IF you are that person to deliver it.


Sometimes I have felt like I had a word for someone, but sensed that it wasn’t the right time.  Then later an opportunity came and the time was right.  We have to get familiar with controlling the thoughts and feelings that we have.  We must get familiar with submitting these to the governing of the Holy Spirit.  We must operate under the fruit of divine self-control when counseling with others.


Let’s say that a person feels in their heart that God is leading them to start a new business, now.  But they have no huge savings or other means to start the business.


Now conventional wisdom says that they should have a certain amount of savings, a means for income while the business is getting started and a plan of action for the business.  It also says that that person should consult with multiple business professionals and businessmen or women to get more wisdom on how to proceed.


But what if, God has a plan specific for that person and he is leading that person to take out a loan and disregard the fact that they have no savings?  What if God knows that if they do this, He has a huge opportunity waiting in the wings that will quickly pay off the debt and provide a solid income?


Now if that person were to come to you, what would you tell them?  We would all be inclined to tell them the natural conventional wisdom that we have.  But someone operating in the gift word of wisdom could discern that God was leading them otherwise.


Now this is so important, so please listen.  If you randomly advise against conventional wisdom and it is NOT the Holy Spirit, you could be the instigator of devastation in their life.  That is why you MUST exercise with caution and certainty that what you are hearing is coming from the Holy Spirit.


I believe there have been so many people out there that have given advice willy-nilly claiming it to be the Holy Spirit and then someone was hurt because of it.  I also believe that is one reason that so many have abandoned the gifts of the Spirit because they don’t want to take the chance of causing harm.  So they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.


But on the same token, NOT giving that person the divine word they may need could cause equal destruction.  It could deny them a great and blessed life, just by playing it safe.  You might be saying that if God wanted them to know bad enough, He would tell them Himself.  And He is, but with something that unconventional we all seek out council.


We are the body of Christ and we are called to minister.  All of us.  And we do it every day whether we give good advice or bad advice.  So why not determine within yourself to seek to do it correctly in a divine way that will truly benefit others?


I want you to contemplate what I have written here today and think about what it means to live life supernaturally and if you yourself are willing to rise above the status quo and truly live from glory to glory.


No matter what your beliefs are, I want to thank you for visiting my Christian blog!


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