Wednesday Word Studies – Gifts

 February 1, 2012



Transliteration: charisma
Phonetic Spelling:
Short Definition:
an undeserved favor
a gift of grace, an undeserved favor.  The operation of grace (divine favor), i.e. a grace-endowment (natural gift ability or quality) to edify the Church.

There is a lot of talk of grace in the church.  It is by grace (underserved favor) that we are saved, not by our works.


If you have submitted yourself to Christ and asked to be born again and seek to follow him, if you’ve asked for spiritual salvation and received it through faith, you’ve received a measure of grace.


But that is not all that grace is and if you have stopped after asking for and receiving spiritual salvation, then you’ve only begun to open the wonderful amazing gifts of grace.  God’s desire is for you to walk fully in grace and all that it means.


The word grace in Greek is ‘charis’.  The word gift in Greek in this passage is ‘charisma’.  By adding the ‘ma’ to the end of the word ‘charis’ you change the definition from grace to the end result of grace.


James said in the book of James, that faith without works is not faith.  In other words to posses one (faith) will result in the other (works)


The same is true of grace.  To posses grace will produce the gifts.  But too often we accept just enough grace to believe that we are saved spiritually, but not enough to be more.


In 1 Thessalonians 5:19 it says, “Do not quench the spirit”.  The Holy Spirit operates through grace and to quench grace is to quench the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.


In reading that statement most people will deny that they quench the Spirit.  They would attest that they want all that the Lord has for them.  But when something becomes a little unfamiliar, a little too supernatural, they feel uncomfortable and they shut it down.


The Holy Spirit is abundant in grace and grace’s gifts.  But it is up to us just how many we receive.


There are theological excuses why this is that and that is not for us and on and on.  Those are manmade reasoning’s which allow them to live in a way that is comfortable for them and to allow them to feel ok about rejecting the gifts of grace that the Holy Spirit wants them, needs them to operate in.


I’ve also heard it said many, many times that there are various interpretations to the Word and the scriptures.  But the truth is an interpretation is derived from the head knowledge a person has mixed with their own personal experiences and tales and teachings that others have told whether true or not.


But there is only one interpretation that is accurate and that is God’s interpretation and intent.  God is not a God of division and it is people’s proclamations and justifications for their interpretations that has caused so much division in the body of Christ.


We are called to be of one mind with one interpretation, that of the Holy Spirit, but our pride and fear is standing in the way.


The Holy Spirit is waiting to give you his gifts.  He is waiting for you to receive His interpretation.  But we must get serious about our relationship with the Holy Spirit and willing to accept what he says, regardless of how uncomfortable it initially makes you feel.


Don’t take what I say.  Don’t take what your preachers say.  Don’t take your own thoughts, beliefs or ideals.  Submit them all to the Holy Spirit and be willing to lay down false teachings and ancient doctrines that comfort man and allow him to live in a spiritually ineffective way.


Be willing to accept everything that the Holy Spirit has for you.  Jesus has paid a debt to purchase for you the most amazing array of gifts to use at your disposal.  Don’t reject them or just pick and choose. 


Today lay your fear, your pride and your fleshly will on the altar and ask the Holy Spirit for true revelation regarding the gifts and how they should operate in your life.


No matter what your beliefs are, I want to thank you for visiting my Christian blog!


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