Wednesday Word Study – Make the Most

 January 11, 2012

 Make the Most 


Transliteration: exagorazó
Phonetic Spelling: (ex-ag-or-ad’-zo)
Short Definition:
I ransom, redeem
Definition: I buy out, buy away from, ransom; mid: I purchase out, buy, redeem, choose.

1805 eksagoráz? (from 1537 /ek, “completely out from” which intensifies 59 /agoráz?, “buy-up at the marketplace”) – properly, take full advantage of, seizing a buying-opportunity, i.e. making the most of the present opportunity (recognizing its future gain).


In our Monday Meditation scripture we had the following verse:


Colossians 4:5-6

5) Be wise in the way you act toward those who are outside [the Christian faith]. Make the most of your opportunities. 6) Everything you say should be kind and well thought out so that you know how to answer everyone.


I’ve taken today’s word(s) from verse 5.  Even though it is more than one word in the English it is only one word in the Greek.


I want us to think today about the opportunities that we have every day with everyone that we come in contact with.  Do we ‘make the most’ of those opportunities or do we casually just pass them by because we are so caught up in our own lives and our own dramas?


I think we would all agree that God does bring people across our paths.  I think we would also agree that there are a lot of random people who cross our paths each day.  But do we look at each and every person as an opportunity from God?


We are called to be wise in the way we act toward those who are outside the Christian faith.  We are called to make the most of our opportunities.


When we are checking out at the grocery line are we aware of the checker?  Are we aware of their demeanor?  Are they having a hard day?  Does it appear that they are struggling with something even weightier that we can’t begin to imagine?


We are asked to ‘buy up, ransom, or redeem’ that moment in time, that encounter with that person.


I used to use the excuse, many, many years ago that until I got myself together I was no good to anyone else.  I felt I had so many problems and issues unresolved that I couldn’t help anyone else.  You may feel that way too.


I also used to be so wrapped up in my own daily dramas that I really never noticed – really noticed –  all the others around me like the checker at the store.


But now I watch people pretty closely.  I notice and I watch and I listen to the Holy Spirit.  I’m asking Him, what kind thing can I say to them to help them today?  Is there something more that they need to know that will encourage them?


As I said in a much earlier post, I believe the harvest is here and we need to ‘buy up’ every moment of time with each person and make it count.  If I can touch someone with a smile or a complement or a sincere heartfelt question about them, I want to do that.  Our opportunities are decreasing every day.


Monday I encouraged you to watch your words and offer kindness to all that you meet, but today I want to take that a bit further and encourage you to not just be kind in a generic sense, but focus on those around you.  Let the Holy Spirit speak to you about them and about what little tidbit you can impart to them to enhance their life.


We buy up every new gadget and more stuff than we can ever consume with our money.  Today I am asking you to buy up each moment with others and make them count.  It may be the last moment you spend with that particular person.  Make a different before you walk away.


No matter what your beliefs are, I want to thank you for visiting my Christian blog!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Word Study – Make the Most

  1. Linda says:

    Nancy, this is so good and I can testify that it works! Others have done this for me…at Wal-Mart: a momentary locking of eyes and a friendly smile…an offer to help pick up something I dropped… These kindnesses take some of the load off the person receiving as well as for the one giving them. There have been times when I felt badly about myself in general. God made a way to put someone across my path to give me a heartfelt compliment. The power in a compliment that you know is heartfelt (not flattery, which is lying) was enough to knock me right out of the depression trying to overtake me. Just think what that power can lead to…a chance to minister salvation, healing or anything the Lord leads you to share with that person!!


    • Nancy says:

      Thanks Linda for your comment! Yes I think that we have all benefitted from these seemingly small acts of kindness. And they are so easy to do if we will look outside ourselves for just a moment to see, really see others. Then the joy we feel will give us the strength and energy to do even more. It will add a lilt in our step and enhance our day even more. Thank you so much for sharing. We appreciate it!


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