Monday Meditations – Matthew 7:14

October 24, 2011

Today’s Meditation Verse:


Matthew 7:14

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.


I’ve been a Christian for almost my entire life.  Most of the people that I’ve been around in my life have professed to be Christians.  So when I would read this scripture above it would make me wonder.  Who are the few?


From my standpoint there had to be a lot of people on that road to life.


Jesus said: 

John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.


So – Jesus came so that we could have life (zoe) and yet he says that few find it.  To me that seems very discouraging.  If I were Jesus and I knew I was about to die for others to have life, I would want the masses to be changed and to experience that life.  But He is willing to die, knowing that only a few will find it.


Again, that brings me back to, who are the few?


If you read last Friday’s post The Punishment of the Imposters you probably already know by now who the few are.


Well, they are not, evil men.  We know they are going to be cast into the lake of fire (Matthew 13:41).


BUT so are those who are counterfeit Christians.  Those who are not living by grace, but by the law.


Matthew 7:21-23

21) “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. 22) “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ 23) “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’


When you read the above verse it states that on that day MANY will say to Jesus that they “professed to be Christians” but as you see they are turned away.  They fully expected to be going to heaven, not into the lake of fire.  So why did He turn them away?


Because they practiced lawlessness.  Now when I looked at this word closer it refers to sin or not doing the will of the Father.  It is not referring to the Law.


So if we know that the will of the Father is to live in grace by faith and not by living according to the law, then we have sinned and we will be cast into the lake of fire.  And that my dear readers could be why there are only a few who will truly find life.


No matter what your beliefs are, I want to thank you for visiting my Christian blog!


4 thoughts on “Monday Meditations – Matthew 7:14

  1. Patricia Price says:

    I was just thinking on this scripture yesterday Nancy. The Lord said he never knew them! I find that sad. I know the Lord knows me,cause he talks to me and I hear his voice and I know it is him and I in return talk to him. I think people sometimes have the wrong notion about BEING a CHRISTIAN and what its about.thats sad too! oh and by the way I hate Religion. but I am so thankful everyday for what JESUS done for me upon the cross and the precious holy ghost.enjoy your whatever this is called that you put on here.dont always comment,but I do read them.keep it up!


    • Nancy says:

      Thanks Tricia!! I am so glad to hear that our bible studies and devotionals are touching your life! We also know a lot of people read who don’t have time to post or who have tried to post and for some reason their operating system and the blog doesn’t work together so the comments go away. So when we do get a comment that encourages us and makes it all worth it!!


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