I Don’t Know How to Study The Bible!

 August 5, 2011

I frequently hear from others that they just don’t know where to start to study the bible.  It is such a big book and when you are not familiar with it or how or why it is laid out, it can be very daunting.


Here are some tips that I have used in times past to learn to study the bible.


1 Before you begin any reading of the Word, find a quiet calm place.  Be still and you will begin to know God.  Ask Him with all sincerity to show you the true meaning behind what you read and how it applies to you.Be Still and Know
Don’t try to force understanding, but allow Him to show you and unfold the meaning out to you.  If you are having difficulty understanding a certain portion, just keep reading and soon there will be a portion that will stand out to you.

2 Let me encourage you to get a Daily Bible that is broken down into 365 sections, one for each day.  This is such an easy way to start reading and develop a habit of reading.  Get one in a translation, like New American Standard, that is easily readable.
With these bibles you do not need to start at January 1.  You can just pick it up and whatever day it is, just open to that date and begin reading.  There will be an Old Testament portion and a New Testament portion.
If you still can’t get in the frame of mind to read that much at a time, read only the New Testament portion in the beginning.  When you arrive at January 1, start reading both the Old and New.

3 Get over the phobia of marking in your bible.  Get a thin-line highlighter and an ink pen.  As you read the portion for that day.  Read it slowly and think about what you are reading.  It may seem out of date and irrelevant to your life today, but God has a way of providing a nugget just for you when you least expect it.

When He does, underline it and make notes about your impressions.  I also even use sticky notes to make lengthier notes.

4 As you begin to read more and more, there will be certain scriptures that will really speak to you as I described in the previous point.  Write them down and do a little research on them.  Do an in depth word search as we will be doing on Wednesdays.  It is so easy to do and you may become addicted!!
To do an in depth search go to this link
http://biblos.com/.  It is a full service bible study website.  If you know the scripture, half the work is done.  In the upper left hand corner use the drop down boxes to find the scripture by selecting its address.  Once you have done that it will automatically go to that verse in several translations.
From there you can click on the tab that says Lexicon and you will see the definition of each word in that verse for Greek (New Testament).  If the verse is in the Old Testament click the tab that says Hebrew.
This website has so many options and ways to study that you will soon be excited about all the new things you will discover.

5 As you research the scriptures that the Lord leads you to, begin to meditate on them.  Meditation is not memorization.  Meditation in the bible means to mutter.  So as you go about your day, mutter to yourself that scripture.
As you do this think about it and how it applies to your life.  Ask the Lord to reveal it to you and make it come alive in your spirit.  Memorization only commits the scripture to your mind, not your heart.  Scripture in your heart is where true transformation begins.

6 Share what you have learned. Sharing Conversation There is no better way to solidify what you have come to learn and know than to find a friend and share with them what you have discovered.  It will not only help you, but them as well!


There are so many online resources to help you study the bible and they are free!  I love the link above for Biblios, but it does not have the Amplified Bible which is one of my absolute favorite translations.  So, I pull up Bible Gateway too and keep them both up when studying and flip back and forth.


The guide or suggestions I’ve listed above is nothing to make a law or set of rules about, but just a guide to get you started.  Do not feel guilt if you miss a day or so, just be encouraged that you are doing more than you used to do.  Soon you will find your own groove and the best way for you to study.


We are encouraged that you have joined us on our journey through God’s Word.  It is all about our readers and just how much we can benefit and enrich your lives.


Please send me an email if you have any questions about the bible or any of my posts.  If I do not know the answer, I promise I will research it and find out the answer for you!  I would love to hear from you!


Thanks and God Bless you all!!

No matter what your beliefs are, I want to thank you for visiting my Christian blog!


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How to Study The Bible!

  1. Katie says:

    LOVE this! I love both those sites and they do throw wide open the scriptures in a new light! I also love the different commentaries (on biblegateway.com) to the right of the scriptures. Sometimes those really reveal things in a new light as well – such as what was happening during the time the scripture was written. When I was in college taking Bible classes, our professor had us do an exegesis, which is dissecting each word or phrase in a scripture. We would copy that page of the Bible or just print it off online and then start marking all over it after reading the Lexicons and commentaries (and our own thoughts). I was AMAZED at how much MORE I learned!

    We do this once a year to teach our youth how to do so as well. SO needed!

    Wonderful post Nancy!


    • Nancy says:

      I remember 30 years ago when I learned you could actually go beyond the English word to the root word. Back then I had a great big old Strongs Concordance. I would spend hours going through that. I was amazed at what I found. I was hooked forever.

      One other thing I didn’t mention is that just looking up the English word in a Webster’s Dictionary is also very enlightening! Sometimes we just think we know what a word truly means and it can change the meaning to the whole sentance.


  2. Sharon Alexander says:

    Thank you for the easy to understand Bible Study Helps and for expanding your blog to include the Bible Study and Word Study. I know how excited I get when I hear a word from the Bible explained by how it was used in the times being written about. I always write that definition in my Bible (if I am where I can) and when I read it again have a clearer understanding of the “Biblical” meaning. It’s like turning a light switch for me!!!
    I love this blog and I want to thank you ladies for sharing it with all who read it!!


    • Nancy says:

      Thanks Sharon! We are really excited about the direction God is taking this blog! We hope and pray that our blog will enrich the lives of our readers. Mondays will provide a scripture to meditate on for the week. Wednesday will take a word from the scripture and go more in depth explaining it. Then on Friday the blog will tie it all together. Our hope is that this will provide a solid understanding in whatever area we are discussing for the week. We will be having guest authors post on Tuesdays as well as more give-a-ways and book reviews. We welcome suggestions and would love it if all our readers would share our posts on FB (as you already do), Twitter us on twitter and now Stumble us on StumbleOn!!!

      Thanks Sharon and all our readers for your support!! It is for you that we love doing this!


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