Do People Ever Really Change?

June 17, 2011

We often say that people don’t change.  We warn those in relationships of that very thing.  If you are in a relationship and think that you can change that other person with your love and care and nurture, you are wrong.  You will never change that person.

Same is true with friendships.  If you are staying in relationship that causes you grief, but you stay because you think that something you will do will change them, you are wrong.  You might as well raise up the white flag and abandon ship right now.  You will never change anyone.

But, people do change.  I’ve seen the most despicable sinful people become godly men and women seeking after the Father.  People I would have long since given up on become more than I ever thought they would become.  I’ve had to eat my words. Continue reading

Hard Work

June 15, 2011

Hard Work…

We wear that phrase like a badge of honor.

“I worked really hard today”.

“I logged 50 hours this week at work”.

“Man, I’m exhausted I’ve worked so hard”.

And I know you can come up with many more. After all, we have said something like that so many times and been very proud of that very fact. Continue reading