We Can Fight the Enemy, But Can We Submit to God?

If you have been a Christian for longer than a day you have either heard about or engaged in spiritual warfare. We have an enemy who is out to get us, this we know.

We have armor, we have weapons, we are in a battle.

Life is not easy. Just about the time we think we have it all figured out, something hard hits us and down we go. We get up, check our armer, sharpen our weapons, and stand. We have practiced this over and over. We have memorized important scriptures on spiritual warfare and we use them.

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Being Persuaded by God

 November 25, 2011

On Wednesday I talked about the word disobedient and how that word means ‘unpersuaded’ and ties in closely with the word ‘repent’ which means to change your mind.


I’ve seen for years people rooted and grounded in a belief that they would refuse to give up on or even listen to or consider another thought.  They read their bible’s with that close minded attitude and what they read is colored by that ideology.  They read as a lawyer looks for presidents to back up his case not to find the truth behind the law.

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