Bowling with God

November 4, 2011  

There are many people who want to challenge the concept of grace in its entirety.  A little grace is fine.  You get just enough grace to get saved and then we are to ‘crucify your flesh’ and live a godly life, following the ‘right and wrong’ rules.  That is how we become holy, by seeking holiness and living a godly life.


Sounds good.  Anyway it sounded good to me for years.  For years I pushed towards holiness and tried to be godly.  And on the outside everyone could see that I was ‘good’.  My heart was right.  I loved the Lord will all my heart, soul and body so seeking to do right was an extension of my love for Him.  Or, was it?


In my recent post The Rules That Break Fellowship I talked about my never ending quest to follow the rules so that I would be right with God.

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Wednesday Word Study – Law

November 2, 2011


Transliteration: nomos
Phonetic Spelling:
Short Definition:
a law, the Mosaic Law
Definition: usage, custom, law; in NT: of law in general, plur: of divine laws; of a force or influence impelling to action; of the Mosaic law; meton: of the books which contain the law, the Pentateuch, the Old Testament scriptures in general.


3551 nómoslaw. 3551 (nómos) is used of: a) the Law (Scripture), with emphasis on the first five books of Scripture; or b) any system of religious thinking (theology), especially when nomos occurs without the Greek definite article.

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